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3cheers2u.com consist of a small group of friends, colleagues, students, individuals, organizations, and businesses that recognize the actions of others that inspire. Inspired by life events and Oprah Winfrey Angel's Network, we focus our efforts on doing SMALL random acts of kindness.

How Did 3cheers2u.com Get Started
The other day, someone asked me how did 3cheers2u.com get started. Actually, it came about after my mom died. In 1993, my mom suffered a catastrophic stroke which left her partially paralyzed on one side. She was confined to a wheelchair. I was very territorial over her and rather than put her in a convalescent home, I decided to take care of her myself in my apartment.

Prior to my mom's illness, I had a "somewhat" promising career as an entrepreneur. Fortunately for me, it was my destiny and privilege to spend my energy, efforts, and money on caring for her. She was like the little baby that I never had. Her illness AND her death changed my life. 

Her illness allowed me to shower all my love and attention on her instead of looking for love in all the wrong places.  Even though as a child I played with Ken and Barbie dolls, somehow I always knew that I would be an old maid or spinster.  That was crystal clear. I never had the desire to get married, have a family or raise children. But all that changed when I started caring for my mom. 

When I  became desperate and thought that all was lost, it was then that I met Shelly, my WONDERFUL boyfriend. We were like a little family with my mom being pampered by me and Shelly. My mom died six months later. I cared for my mom for four years. 

Just as caring for her changed my life, her death devastated my life. It created such a HUGE void. It was as though someone had pushed me off a cliff and I was free falling with no end in sight. I sank into a deep depression for two years until one day I came out of it with help from Shelly and friends.

When my mom died, I didn't have anyone who was completely dependent on me. I lost interest in everything. My health started to deteriorate. I felt stuck. I felt as if I was lying in the gutter and everyone was walking over me or on me. Then I realized. It was me. I was my own worst enemy. I was clinging to the curb and throwing myself pity parties. No drugs, no booze, just food. And I ate everything in eye sight. I became a cocoon in my bedroom snacking and crying. I barricaded myself in at night and finally became an internet chat room addict and hell raiser. All the while wondering why me? 

Then one day, it changed. The wise words of friends and strangers kicked in. Slowly but surely, I started doing things again. I became a certified CPR instructor for the American Red Cross.  I started conducting Diversity, customer service and food safety training classes. 

I started taking science classes at the local community college. I started tutoring students in those science subjects. I started smiling and laughing again. I came to the realization that happiness truly comes from doing for others. It was then that I started 3cheers2u.com.

My days and nights are filled with making 3cheers2u.com a place where individuals can come to, stay awhile, cry a little, be recognized and inspired. I enjoy surfing the web to find stories that I think others  will enjoy for Story Central. 

I search for winners who should be recognized to be featured in Recognition Central. I compile lists of appropriate actions and behaviors for making this planet a better place to live as suggested by visitors to our website.

My life is far from perfect, but now 3cheers2u.com lightens the load on the days when I'm blue. When you're feeling down and out, stop by. Come as often as you please. We would love to include you within our circle of friends or Tell-a-friend about us.

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